KISS – The Stories of Christian & Patches

  • We hear much lately about how businesses should or shouldn’t be using social media to maintain contact with their clients, increase attention about their wines that can help drive traffic to their online website to generate actual sales.  I have been writing about integrating social media, also how it’s a total change in the way we communicate, and I have compared the effects of a technology wave to real oceans waves while surfing. 

    At the heart of all this new communication is passion. I suggest you read Steve Goldner’s blog “Simplifying Social Media” - and also read Christopher’s Wine & Cheese blog at  Both blogs show that you can’t approach this communication likes it’s just a new format for the same old advertising.

    I began an exchange of notes with someone about a video (another piece of the overall puzzle). I saw one interesting vlog from a winery about how they are recycling their wastewater. While from a scientific viewpoint I was fascinated, I’m sure many people would have been bored…but it was creative.  I did a search for “winery” on YouTube and the search returned over 11,000 videos…so I began watching.  Although they were trying to tell their unique stories, the company who was shooting many of the videos used the same format over and over.

    KISS, and for those who don’t know what that means drop me a private note (and it is not sexual). Two videos that have been reproduced several times over and has been watched literally millions of times is the stories of Christian the Lion and Patches the Horse.  Christian was a lion raised by two students, then released in the wild.  The video very touchingly shows a reunion - The other video is a very humorous story of Patches the Horse.  Now I promise you that you probably can’t find less sophisticated techies looking anywhere in the world then these two good ol’ Texas boys if you try - .

    I keep hearing about the passion of winery owners and winemakers.  They need to watch these two videos to see the two very different sides of a passionate story, and then find a way to tell their unique story that is not a canned presentation. 

    It doesn’t even need to be video.  Let me suggest that you just pick up a copy of “Wine Dogs” or look at the wine photographs from Charles O’Rear; now he shows passion!  His photos display tremendous passion of grapes, the wineries, and the wines themselves. Yes, he is a famous photographer, but he is not supposed to be one with the land.

    Pick up a piece of reflective glass, look into it, and find a way to show the passion that you see there in video, pictures, or words. I promise you, if when you rise in the morning, if you do it for more than just making a buck, it is in there. Just look until you find it!